NOTE: As of July 1, 2014 I have completely
moved my shop to Etsy.
I have been fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom to my two beautiful daughters for all of their lives.  My oldest
now practices therapeutic massage therapy, working in a chiropractic office.  My youngest works as a nursing
assistant in a retirement home.  She loves getting to know the residents there.  (She is also my *reluctant* apron
model in some of the photos on  my website.)  I have been married to my high school sweetheart Tim, for 26+ years.  
We have one eccentric, special-needs dog named Phoebe, that we rescued from a shelter.  (Check out
Pet Finder to
see what pets are available for adoption from a shelter near you.)  

We are also very busy with our church.  We have such a wonderful church family!  I teach Kindergarten & 1st  grade
Sunday School at the South Whitley UMC.  I just LOVE this age group!  They're so enthusiastic about everything!  I
could sit and listen to their stories forever...  I just wish I had a fraction of their energy...

Mid-summer of 2008, my website's catalog of recycled-item creations caught the eye of a growing company whose
sole purpose is creating useful items from the things that usually end up in the trash.  I joined their design team a few
weeks later.   What a fantastic opportunity to do what I have been doing (finding creative and fashionable ways to
recycle), but on a larger scale than I ever dreamed possible!!!  

This change meant that I would no longer have the time to make the various wrapper purses and accessories that I had
been making in the past.  But since I believe so strongly in keeping everything possible OUT of the landfills, I am now
offering PATTERNS for the wrapper purses and accessories that I had previously offered for sale so that you can make
your very own awesome wrapper purse!!!  My patterns include detailed step-by-step instructions and tons of photos for
ease of use.  These are my own
ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED PATTERNS, you can't buy these patterns anywhere
besides Laurie's Gifts!  

Jump ahead to 2011, I reconsidered Etsy.  I (thought I had to) decide between a stand-alone website and a online
market such as Etsy way back when I was starting out selling online.  Long story short, I chose my own domain
instead of Etsy.  In April of 2011 I decided to broaden my horizons, take the plunge, and step out in faith to give Etsy
another try.  I'm so glad I did.  It's a great community for artists and crafters alike-- not to mention the great shoppers
looking for unique, hand-crafted wares.  It's been a great couple of years, and I'm glad I changed my mind and decided
to do BOTH.  (I will have to say that it's much easier to keep my Etsy shop updated-- it does most of the work for me!  
Visit my shop here:  

Finally, I just wanted to stress that everything I make is created in a SMOKE-FREE environment.  As an
unreformed perfectionist, I pay extreme attention to detail.  I figure if I'm going to invest the time to make
something, I want it to look better and be of much higher quality than anything that has been mass
produced and sold in the stores!

The Hunger Site
I've been a professional seamstress for almost
18 years.   (For almost 6 of those 18 years, I
sewed for a fabulous children's clothing  
designer-- for her store in Fort Wayne, IN...  
The best "job" I've ever had!  It was so much
fun, it never seemed like work!  Thanks,
Susan!)  In early 2005, as I was deciding on a
name for my new business, I chose
for two reasons. Everything for sale on
this website is an example of the things I have
been creating as gifts for friends and family, so
the name fits for that reason.  
Secondly, and more importantly, I have no formal training as a seamstress and pattern
maker. God has given me a great love and passion for sewing, and the talent and ability to
do it very well. I give all the credit to Him.  As I was watching a program on PBS one night,  I
heard Red Skelton say something I hadn't heard before and just loved:

"If you have any talent - That's your gift from God.
And,     if you use that talent - That's your gift to God."
Romans 12:6     We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.
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